Bebamikawe Memorial Trail

In 2010, Wikwemikong Tourism began construction on Manitoulin Island's only professionally built trail system. This tourism driven initiative was developed to create a first class attraction that would increase tourism volume and compliment new and existing business as well as provide meaningful employment for the band membership. The trail was designed to incorporate the cultural, historic and ecological significance of the area, while exhibiting the natural beauty of Manitoulin's largest First Nation community.

Partnerships were created with the Wikwemikong Health Center, Ontario Works, Wii-ni-gutch-tood LDM and Wikwemikong Public works to create an Outdoor Fitness Park that would allow band membership the opportunity to engage in a healthy well balanced lifestyle. Through this partnership, Sustainable Trails LTD was hired to train seven band members in professional trail design and construction through their Hybrid Contracting. Over 1.5 km of fitness trail and an additional 800 meters of double tract trail were constructed as a result of this training initiative.

Phase three construction and the final six kilometres of trail is expected to begin in the spring of 2012 with a complete trail opening Canada Weekend 2012.



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Trail Highlights

-Outdoor Fitness Park- 1.5km double tract trail with five outdoor fitness stations and lakefront picnic pavilion.

-Up to 12 km of easy to moderate single tract hiking trail along the Niagara Escarpment

-Three lookouts with educational signage describing the historic and ecological significance of the area

-Picnic Pavilion and eco-friendly restroom facility at trailhead

-Guided Hikes available upon request.